Since 2003, we distribute, sell, install, repair Generac and Honeywell

In 2003, when we started, we were the first and only Authorized Dealer in Toronto.

Our focus is Toronto and Southern Ontario, where we are able to provide a total solution which includes professional and personal installation services, preventative maintenance, remote monitoring.

Thanks to our previous IT background we service several IT companies that have server rooms, call centers such as Comwave and Symantec. But we also service the residential market, and the cottage country.

Today, after 20 years, we have a cross-industry portfolio of clients: homeowners, small business owners, dental offices, cosmetic surgery clinics, small multi-storey residential buildings, supermarkets, people with disabilities, retail outlets, gas stations, fire and emergency monitoring companies, limusine dispatching, etc.

We now have more than 2000 installed generators,  and we service them according to their specific requirements.  Generally each generator is inspected and serviced at least once per year, before the winter. But some may require more visits: quaterly, monthly, or as agreed.

All the technicians are factory trained, and have a refreshing course every 2 years at the factory.  This gives us the "ELITE" and "POWERPRO" status and enables us to handle and perform warranty repairs on behalf of the manufacturer.